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Kazuo Sasaki


Tokyo University of Technology
Media Science

Directing Projects

Broadcasting Future / Audio Innovation Research
Internet Broadcasting / Graphic Interface Design
Augmented Reality / Sound Visualization

Y MODE "Internet Magazine featuring Yuming"

Academic Achievement

M.A. : Chiba University (1977-1982)
Industrial Design & Exhibition Design
Post Experience Course : Royal College of Art London (1991)
Animation and Computer Related Design Course

Production Experience

Creative Director
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
1983 - 2007

Awards / NHK TV Program Works

"The Universe Within"
Special Science Documentary of Human Body
Production Designer for Computer Graphics and Scenic Design
Best Young TV Designer Award: Japan Stage and TV Designer Association

"Network Baby"
Futuristic Story about A.I. Girl
Production Design / Computer Graphic Design
SHOREY Award 1990 : Hoso-Bunka (Broadcasting-Culture) Foundation

HDTV Fantasy of Japanese Painter ヤHiroshigeユ
Grand Prize : Tokyo Electric Cinema Festival

"50 Easy Thing to Damage the Earth"
Comedy Drama on Ecology

"Escape from Jupiter"
NHK & Film Australia Co-Production, Science Fiction Stories
Production Design / Computer Graphic Design
Australian Childrenユs Program Award

"Yamada is coming to Town"
NHK & Picture Palace London Co-Production: Comedy Drama

"NHK News Center '95"
Renewal Design Project for the News program Studio of NHK
Production Designer
Design Award: Japan Shop and Interior Design Association

"Kline's Bottle"
NHK & 21 st city Australia: Science Fiction Story
Production Design / Computer Graphic Design

"Return to Jupiter"
NHK & Film Australia Co-Production, Science Fiction Stories
Production Design / Computer Graphic Design

"Heat Island Tokyo"
Humanistic Drama about a lady living alone in Tokyo
Best TV Designer Award: Japan Stage and TV Designer Association

"Super Concert"
Special music concert: Co-Design Project with Mr. George Tsypin

"Ten Ura Ra"
Major Drama Series everyday morning. the Storyabout Lady Carpenter.

1999 - 2002
Management officer of Art Department

2002 - 2003
Campaign Project: 50 th Anniversary of NHK TV Broadcasting
Design Producer / Design Organizer

2004 - 2006
Developing the Interactive digital contents for
Internet Server on-demand casting systems

2007 - 2014
Professor, Media Science, Tokyo University of technology
Producing the Visual Effects for Stage Show including, Ymi Matsutoya Live Concerts

Abdullah Al-Khatib,Kazuo Sasaki,Mutaz Arif, "Installation Using Arduino
with Interlock Sensors", CYBERWORLDS 2015,
Gotland Sweden, 2015.10.07、Best Paper Award

Kazuo Sasaki, "Changing Movement Pattern of Artificial Characters in
Isometric Space", CYBERWORLDS 2016, Chongqing, China

Kazuo Sasaki, Bird Strike Movement Analysis on Artificial Life Flock Simulator,
CMIC 2017, Creative Media And Innovation Conference, P-06,
Best Paper Award, 2017.12.1-2

Masaki Hayashi, Steven Bachelder, Kazuo Sasaki, Naoya Tsuruta and
Kunio Kondo,Wordpress-based Blog System with a Capability of
Showing Entries by TV-program-like CG AnimationsADADA2018, 2018.11

Visiting Professor, University Slaski, Fuclty of Fine Art,
VIdeo Game and Virtual Space Design,
“Integrated University of Silesia in Katowice Development Program”
Cieszyn, Poland, 2019.10 - 11

NET RESORT Y-topia in Naeba vol.1〜vol.2」contents production